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Jan 26, 2021
hello everyone. I put 12 eggs in an incubator and then about 10 days later , one of my buff orpingtons became broody and I left her sitting on about 10 eggs. Now the 12 have hatched to my surprise a 100% hatch. So here's my question since this is winter and cold out should I just add the new baby chicks to the brooder? Should I put all chicks together with t he momma hen, and will they be ok? Or just separate my hen and her chicks from the rest of the flock. I have a smaller coop made from pallet wood about 4' by 4'.


Apr 22, 2020
West coast North America
Congrats on the 100%! That’s awesome.
I think I would put the chicks in a brooder, and I would probably take some of the hens chicks and add them to the brooder too. At that temp she/you could lose some to the cold. If she only has a few chicks she will be able to herd them easily. Also If she only has a few chicks she may not need to be separated from the flock and you can use you 4/4 extra coop for the other chicks when they’re feathered.

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