mixing LF and bantam


8 Years
Nov 22, 2011
right everyone brace yourself i have alot of questions to ask

i am thinking about expanding my flock and getting some more birds for breeding so my wish list has been extended by 4 gold laced wyandotte bantams and 4 silver laced wyandotte bantams so fingers crossed
i will be breeding 3 pens of wyandottes next year. But this year is when i will be hatching my own birds then buying cockerels from a different breeder hopefully i will be doing this late may/early june so thats all good but my grandad may be getting new layers for him at that time ready for next year
so i thought i would hatch 5 BCM hens and 5 light sussex all at the same time in the bator ive got so it should work out to me setting about 8 light sussex eggs and 8 maran eggs also 6 of each wyandotte breeds so hopefully i will get what i want out of them taking deaths and wrong sex into account if i get more than needed then i can part with some or if i dont get enough purchase chicks, that i didnt want to do
but my main question is if i succesfully hatch all the birds would i be able to brood all of them together even though some will be abit bigger than the others, what kind of size brooderwill i need or will i have to brood LF and bantam seperate thats another thing i didnt want to do
. Could you tell me how much space each would i need for growing chicks. Also will it be alright weather permiting to put all of then in a spare future breeding pen at 6 weeks or 8-10 weeks if needed.

thanks connor

im sorry if there were 1 to many questions in there
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OK I can answer your main question. Yes you can raise the bantams and the standard chicks together, I've done it before and they get along. Sometimes the bantams will even become head chicken, Each chick needs about 2 feet of space and then when they use that up you can move them with the other birds.
i will have to get alot less chicks or have multiple brooders because that will be a massive brooder at 2x2 per bird
no as soon as old enough to be out side they will be in a coop with there own run next to the BIG girls and hopefully in july it will still be nice and warm so
i just remembered that my familys good friend that has got the silver laced wyandotte has said to my grandad is it alright if i ask your grandson a favour as im only 14 he has asked me to do fertility tests on his wyandotte eggs
so he is going to give me a dozen eggs to incubate and if all goes well and i hatch some hopefully he will let me keep some chicks so that will bring the june hatch down to 13 chicks 3 bantams and 8/10 LF depending if we get rid of our ducks.i have got a brooder but that will only be alright for 4-5 chicks as the only time ive used the bator was for quails and that brooder had nine in it.

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