Feb 23, 2019
High Desert, California
My husband and I currently have Muscovies and are building a big aviary for them. But we want to expand our flock once the poultry ban lifts (we live just outside the quarantine zone but can’t travel into town without going through it) and we would like a variety of birds. What kind of poultry can mix well with Muscovies besides other duck breeds? What kind of combinations work well together.

We really just enjoy having poultry around to watch but if there are certain types that proved a useable resource (meat, eggs etc) those are preferred.

For example we would like Jersey Giant chickens because we like big birds, maybe turkeys. But we want to make sure the birds won’t bully each other to death.

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8 Years
Sep 13, 2011
southern Michigan
Chickens don't like damp or water, and ducks are all about making a wet mess everywhere. They are best housed separately. Also, drakes will severely injure hens if they try to mate with them.
Turkeys will die if they contract gapeworm, a fairly benign parasite of chickens. Some folks manage both species together, but it can be a disaster.
When you have your duck management all arranged, then maybe add another species (Jersey Giants are very nice!) in separate housing. Or turkeys, again separately, and see how things go. In a dry climate, some parasite issues may be less of a problem. Ask your poultry extension people, or at the university.
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