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Free Ranging
Mar 30, 2019
NSW, Australia
Interesting - I never had that issue. I did have that issue with clay where there were little clay footprints up the stairs from the basement!
I have put mats (old carpet) like doormats that the cats have to walk across to wipe their feet and that helps - but I did that before switching to pine.
We also have a mat next to the litter boxes which helps, but the tofu litter also gets everywhere. The sawdust would start to make the carpet grubby but as the tofu one is white, it doesn’t do that. The tofu litter also sifts nicely through the scoop, whereas the pine pellets were too big.


Jul 31, 2018
Catalonia, Spain
My Coop
Is Fudge one of the bantams? I thought they had rose combs, but her's is very upright.
She's not a bantam although she has some bantam genes. She's a bitsa and belongs to Tribe 1. She's number three in the hierarchy although one could be forgiven for not noticing. It's only at treat and food time she makes sure the juniors know her position. She's generally an easy going hen and she's a good mother.

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