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Apr 20, 2019
Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia
Is that scary? I'm confused. This is managing in a matrix. I have no direct authority over any of these people. This group has been dysfunctional for a while. By the time I leave they will understand that it is better and more efficient to work together.

For example, just this evening I got a proposed process from someone who had everything figured out. Or so they thought. They actually held meetings on the project that I am supposed to guide, without me. But not just without me, without other key people. Meetings I actually knew nothing about. No joke.

They submitted the results of their partial stakeholder meeting as final product. It took no time at all to show them what they had not considered because they had not included all stakeholders. I even shared something that knocked 5 steps out of their process including some bizarre manual gymnastics they created that were doomed to failure. No one in this group knows about what I shared with them. I do. They have no idea.

Right now I count 5 different little groups all doing what this person did, going off on their own. 4 more meetings like this and they will all want to be working together. No one has ever helped them to work as a team. I have to teach them that they need each other. I find a great way to do that is to let them fail on their own first. That way when they succeed together, it resonates.

The pain will create the gain. It delays things but in the long run they will be a much higher performing team when I am done.
I'd love to see your people wrangling skills in action. We need a movie of this or a training video!.

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