Bedroom Farm Inc.
10 Years
Jan 11, 2010
the ducky room
i just made chocolate covered strawberries
Sounds great....I was jsut tossing up whether to actually eat something on my lunchbreak....Or go cuddle one of the ducklings I have here at work with me.....

The duckling won!!!!!!
How did you melt the chocolate? everytime i try ..the chocolate gets all hard on me...
in the fruit second on our grocery store there is chocolate in a microwaveable container.. we shook it and it's little bits of chocolate. it was good i was eating them till my hand was slapped lol. it says to heat it on medium power for about 2 minutes but stir every 30 seconds. i did end up burning it after awhile cuz i thought it was getting hard.. my mom said put it in for another 30 seconds. i couldn't stir after that. it looked like a brownie HAHAH she whispered throw it away, so my dad wouldn't hear lol.

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