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    Mar 24, 2013
    I have six hens of different breeds, one is a Rhode Island Red Chicken that has been molting (just tail feathers so far) but the other chickens are pecking at her and she is bleeding pretty badly, but she seems fine otherwise. I really don't have the facilities to separate her, so I was wondering what I should do? This is my first try at raising chickens, they are all 11 months old, and a few are going through the molt, but my red is the only one getting picked on. Please help!!


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    Molting starts at the head and neck, and works its way down. The chicken may be molting, but the tail damage is almost certainly due to feather picking/pecking, not molting. It can be almost impossible to get it stopped once it starts. The usual cause is too little space, which leads to boredom. If you can't turn them loose where they can forage, and peck at grass and bugs instead of each other, honestly I would find them another home. If you don't separate a bleeding chicken, they others will kill ner. You can tru putting BluKote on the wounds, which helps mask the blood, but at this point I wouldn't count on it being enough to stop them.

    Here is a good thread, and an article:
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    Molting is all part of having chickens but the bleeding is pecking
    and you need to separate her from the others before some real
    damage occurs and you have other problems [​IMG]
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    Thanks both of you,
    i borrowed a cat crate from a friend and am going to fix it up for her today, going to keep her in the shed till she heals up. Have to keep an eye on the other chickens to make sure it isn't happening to them too! I don't know who the culprit is though.

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