Molting Question


13 Years
Mar 26, 2010
I have one golden comet hen out of a flock of six that is losing her neck feathers. They've been laying for a year now and none of them have molted. She doesn't seem to be losing feathers any where else. No signs of her being pecked........ Any guesses?
Some chickens will molt completely bald in one or two areas. My rooster chancey lost all of her feathers exvcept for maybe 10.
Generally the way it works, at least with my chooks, is that the egg production will start dropping. About a week or so later you'll start noticing lots of feathers in the coop, like a pillow fight gone wrong.

I have hens in both coops molting right now. To look at most of the hens they look fine, only a few are scraggly. However, chickens are individuals just like people. Most will molt at approximately the same time but not always.

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