May 9, 2021
NE Pennsylvania
I've been trying to research molting, most say it occurs in the fall. Well my 11 chickens started in June and are still molting. Is this normal? They are just over 1 year old. They also haven't stopped laying which most sites say they will either stop or slow down. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
It can be normal and it can be not normal. Not laying during molt is normal. Did you change up anything such as feed? I have posted a few times now about my experience when I went from Commercial feed to my a "recipe." The short of it is that my flock went through a molt and nutrition deficiency. If you've not changed anything has there been a stress event? If you can rule all of that out and you know it's been a while since the last molt, I'd consider it normal.
My black australorp has been losing feathers on her neck. I tried researching what it was and all they said was ”it’s just molting.” I am almost 100% sure it’s not, because its not molting time and none of my other chickens are molting. I’m getting kinda worried about her and would love any help I can get. Thank you.

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