Monster egg


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5 Years
Jul 29, 2014
Hi there,
I went to collect my eggs from my 2 girls this morning, just the same as any other morning really, until I found MONSTER egg, it was huge,
My poor chickens eyes must of seriously watered at that,
Is this normal , now and again ?
What causes it?
Do I need to worry?:
Yes, it's normal! What a giant egg! Did you weigh it yet? My pullet that just started laying laid a egg that was actually normal size compared to her small pullet eggs and when i opened it had TWO yolks in it. I wouldn't be surprised if your giant egg had several yolks in it...
I haven't weighed it yet, ,I'm going to get some scales tommoro, then il eat it after I know it's weight,
Just hope little winnie will be ok
I checked her afterwards and she doesn't seem any worse for it
Yep - totally within the realm of "normal" - you will likely find it to be a double (or even triple) yolked egg when you do crack it.
Hi all, It was indeed a triple Yorker,
I let my daughter eat it , She said it was delicious , and little Winnie seems fine and laying normal size eggs again ,
So everything is goid

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