Moo the Emu Hatched March 20th

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  1. Mootheemu

    Mootheemu Hatching

    May 19, 2019
    Hey all,

    Just wanted to introduce myself in the forum and introduce Moo. I purchased 3 eggs in February from Auburn CA and incubated immediately. Only 1/3 eggs hatched and Moo was born. He was raised in the house for the first 2 months until he was just too big in diapers. Now he resides in our dog run until he will be big enough to go out into the pasture. He enjoys treats of mealworms, peas, and the occasional sweet potato chunk. Hope you all enjoy.

    Jack and Moo

    P.s. Because only 1/3 eggs hatched, we are looking for an additional Juvenile emu somewhere near Northern CA.

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  2. briefvisit

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    Nov 9, 2013
    Same chick in all three shots?

    Welcome to the forum


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