More Bluegrass Serama eggs 8 plus extras! KY Smooth and Frizzled


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Aug 25, 2008
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Shipped priority. You will get smooth plus a few frizzled eggs (50/50 chance on getting frizzled bird from each egg)

We dont often sell eggs and this is your chance to get some from our lines.

Tyson (B class) is a new breeder this year from our lines, I dont have a picture of him here, but the pullet in the main pic is one of his offspring and so is this girl, now owned by Catwalk.

He has about 6 hens with him.

Also fathering eggs are small B class Napoleon



and tiny A class Mr.Wonderful, King of the Squeakers.

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What is the hatch rate looking like on theses eggs after shipping? I really would like to get them. Im nervous about shipped eggs. I can hatch the heck out of any fertile egg i p/u but i havent been able to hatch anything shipped to me for some blasted reason.
Ive shipped eggs to some people that have had excellent hatches with all but maybe one hatching, and some people dont have much luck at all getting totally the opposite.

Its hard to say what the reason is, since everyone incubates in their own way, has different incubators and you never know how each box is handled through the PO.
I've yet to find rhyme or reason for it.
Just count backwards from 10 and have someone hide all your broodies and your incubator!
It sucks that we dont sell in the spring, but we need all the eggs that we can get for yearly chicks. Thats the fun part--- putting together new breeders and getting all the records ready to see what we can produce with the birds we have chosen to keep!

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