More buff silkie babies!


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We moved into a new pen last night and are enjoyed the increased space. Oh, who am I kidding... we are freaking out about the new space. Eventually though we will be happy about the increased space.


Some random baby shots-



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Beautiful birds! Awesome pen!

How old are they? I'm still trying to decide on the sex of my two silkies. I'm 99% certain that Jethro is a pullet, but can't make my mind up about Ellie Mae. If my cockerel Impy would just try to mate her/him (like he does Jethro), I'd be a bit more certain.

Thank goodness my CX cockerel doesn't try to mate the silkies. He only has eyes for the CX pullets.
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The babies in there are around 10 weeks old. I think. My calendar is at work. I have hatched so much this season that I can't remember without looking it up. Old brain, you know?

Silkies are really, really hard to sex. Two of that lot are male, but I only know that because they started trying to crow at 4 weeks old. It's possible that more will end up male. As they get bigger, the males will grow larger and will start putting out streamers on the back of their head. They look like they have an Elvis do. The hens seem to have rounder body type and rounder crests. I don't even try to guess until they are around 6 months old. I stink at figuring gender.

What color silkies did you end up getting?
I got a blue and a red, although they look more like a gray and a buff.
From your description, my guesses are right - Jethro is the pullet and Ellie Mae is the cockerel. We tried changing Jethro's name, but we were already used to calling him Jethro and another name just won't stick.

Here they are, a couple of weeks ago:
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They do look grey and buff in those pictures.
My blue looks black actually.
It's hard to tell in your pictures what the red/buff is. I do better with a side shot. That helps you see the Elvis back sweep better. The blue does look roundish. I would totally go with that one being the pullet (Jethro, is it?
) You have a 50/50 shot on the other, I'd say. Wait and see if you get a crow.

Either way, do you love them? It seems silkies go one way or the other. You either love them or hate them. Personally, I am just smitten. I love their inate sweetness and their fluffiness.

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