More mysterious egg problems from rescued chickens.


8 Years
Apr 5, 2012
Mohave County, Arizona
OK, so as you know, they arrived naked, but laying well. A few days later one of the EE mysteriously died suddenly. A few weeks later I started getting super tiny eggs, then a weird squash shaped (also tiny) egg. The black star was acting strange for a day so I figured it was her. I then got a soft regular sized egg and she was all of a sudden better. Since then I have still been getting soft eggs, but now I'm getting both soft eggs AND what looks like too much calcium?
All I know for SURE is it's either the black star or red star since both the SLW and BR lay speckled eggs, the EE lays blue eggs and the RIR lays dark brown. I check for eggs at LEAST twice a day, usually 3 or 4 times. They have egg layer crumbles and oyster shell and plenty of fresh water. Also lots of table scraps. We can't free range because one of our dogs would kill them.

The previous tiny and weird eggs next to a normal one.

I don't get those any more. Just soft and these new rough ones. (Which are normal size)

These eggs seem to have a ring of extra calcium deposited on them after the color is added. To me they look like they've been sitting in a pool of salt water for a week.

I'm just confused.
It seems like every time I get one thing figured out something else pops up.

I'm thinking I may have to separate each one of the stars to see who is laying what.


7 Years
Sep 18, 2012
It could be from all the physical stress they have endured and there bodies just aren't operating on all cylinders. Weird eggs are not that uncommon it is just we usually grow up with perfect supermarket eggs and never see all the ones they throw away. Possibly someone is eating too many oyster shells?? (I do not know as I do not feed them)

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