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    Nov 30, 2007
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    How often do orpingtons tend to go broody? Do certain lineage tend to go broody more often than others? Also, has anyone noticed one color orp over another that tends to go broody more often? If so what color or does it not matter? I am not looking to get orps from hatcheries as I am sure the broodiness is bred out of them. If I decided to get some orps I will go to a breeder to get eggs. I enjoy hatching chicks but prefer to go w/ a hen over an incubator as a hen is way more reliable than incubators imho. I have one reliable broody hen but would like to be able to get some more.

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    I have had BOs for 3 years and have yet to have one of them or their off spring go broody so I guess I'm saying it depends on which line you get them from. I got mine from a a breeder in FT Meyers. The only hens I have that did go broody are ones that aren't supposed to eg. Black sex link and Tetra Tints. [​IMG]
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    Our hatchery BOs go broody all the time. Not so much when its cold though. My BBS Orpingtons that I hatched haven't even started laying yet; even though they are over 6 months old, but I think they are close. These haven't had time to show me broody yet. [​IMG]

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