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    No matter what a pet store salesman may say, American Alligators DO NOT make good pets and WILL OUTGROW any aquarium sold in their store. Last year, we received at least 20 calls for alligator surrenders in the KC area alone - including one from a police department that had a five footer in a house they had raided.


    My son getting a kiss on the nose from Darwin the Blue-tongued Skink. Darwin was nearly a cull by a breeder 4 years ago because of a problem at the base of his tail and not being able to breed. Thankfully, he wasn't and many kids in KC have got the opportunity to see and learn about his unique colored tongue!!


    The best choice for a pet lizard, the Leopard Gecko. Nearly all are all captive bred, they are easy to care for, tame readily, do not grow large, and come in a variety of colors. This is a leucistic female.

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    Oh wow that sounds like the police must have had a blast removing that gator. A five footer, dang poor gator...

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