Mother Duck: First time weird behaviors

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by TheFinalGirl, Nov 16, 2016.

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    Apr 15, 2016
    I have a female khaki campbell who is laying on eggs for the first time. In the past few days I've noticed a few weird things, hoping to get some insight:

    She has been quacking NON-STOP. Whether she is in the pond or just sitting on the eggs she quacks a big SQWONK! every thirty seconds.

    I also found the boys fighting in the pond for the first time. The Pekin was biting one of the Khaki's on the neck as if he was gunna mount him but then just clearly kept trying to drown him... they're very people shy around me but they didn't even stop when I walked up to them. I had to chuck a pebble in the water to frighten them!

    Also, when they eggs hatch, is it okay to let them live in the coop with the rest of the ducks or better to bring the babies inside?

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    I dont know about the quacking. My stock answer here is "Its a girl, waddaya expect", but you might not find that funny[​IMG]
    The boys are growing up, and are fighting over territory and girls. Is the khaki the only girl?
    I would bring the ducklings in. being outside in winter(assuming your in northern hemisphere) won't be good.
    Are you sure the duck is incubating the eggs? Khakis arent known for their maternal instincts.
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