mother hen destroying nest help!


6 Years
Jan 1, 2014
My first time momma hen has hatched 3 chicks yesterday, one died no idea how it was laying outside the card board box (nest). Anyhow she has 2 left, they all hatched approx 30 hours ago and have had something to eat, but she hasnt showed them how to drink so when should i intervene?? Secondly she got up and started scratching and kicking around the straw in her nest + the 2 chicks + 3 more eggs that havent hatched with no regard for the chicks (which i picked up and kept warm for 5 mins) till she had calmed down and settled back on the now messed up nest, durin this time she didnt seem to care what was happening to the chicks! Is there anything i can do? Any help much appreciated!
I have no answer but bumping to top of forum, anyoneelse help??
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thank you 3riverschick, luckily everything panned out fine and she is caring for her chicks now and when she gets up and scratches is very careful not to hurt them!
i could feed them some egg... No i dont have anything like that, but a bit there is apple cider vinegar in the water
Ive fed them some chopped up hard boiled egg, the hen having most of it but the chicks also loved it! Im going to give them more portions, i only gave them a bit as tr chicks were quite full
Hi! I'm new to BYC and I hope all is well with your fam, also I saw your post about not many younger people in BYC, I'm 30 and my bf is 31, I don't know how old you are but I hope more young people are joining in the fun!!;)
Ys they're fine (for now!) im 16, yeah it is great fun i dont see how anyone could not like it ;)

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