Mottled Houdan/Ancona Cross?


7 Years
Nov 20, 2012
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My Coop
Hi! I've got another houdan question! If my little houdan ends up being a roo, would a cross between him and an ancona hen give me some chicks that resemble the houdans? Has anyone tried this combination? I Tried that chick calculator but my computer freezes after the first cross. I'd like to get some chicks that have the crest, beard, and fifth toe still. Would that give me some chicks that still look like houdans but lay like the anconas? I have no idea where to start figuring out genetics. How do I know what the genes of the specific chickens are to determine what they'll make when crossed? How do I know which are dominant and recessive? Is there a page here or site that has a list of the genes of each breed? I'm sorry to sound so uninformed but I have no idea where to begin and I'm really interested in learning about it. I don't raise any chickens for shows, I just raise them for their eggs and the joy of it( I spend a ridiculous amount of time with my chickens) so I'd like to try some different crosses and see what comes of it. I've gotten so much wonderful advice on this site I knew this would be the place to ask about this! Thanks!

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