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May 17, 2008
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I just hatched 3 baby Mottle Javas. One has a black beak and the other 2 do not. Which beak color is acceptable for the breed??? Does black vs pinkish mean one is male and the other is female??

would you mind me asking, would you post some pic's?
Thank you for the pictures!

OK,,,, THE 1ST ONE IS WAY CUTE! And to me he definitely looks like a mottled Java. The 2nd one, does it have the black back too? If so then it is a Java too. And the 3rd is definitely a Mottled Java. You cant tell sex yet on any of them till about 1-1.5 mths old. Then the roos will start to get really large legs and there comb will start to get bigger too. I posted some pictures of the different stages of the mottled Java on the BYC sub breed page, check them out to see how they will look later as they transform.

Where did you get your stock from?
Here's where I got them:

Bought 8 eggs, 10 arrived. 8 developed, 5 pips and 3 hatched. I think the other 2 pips would have lived if I had helped them out. I one of those that usually helps around 18 hours after pip, but I was really sick yesterday and didn't help them

Yes, the middle one has the black on it's back.

I just wondered why the one had the black beak and the others didn't, thought maybe I was lucky and have 1 little man and 2 little women. We'll see in a few weeks

I've hatched Seramas and Bantam Brown Leghorns so far this year and have gotten more pullets than roos as a whole!!

Last year, way more roos...ugh.
I have neverseen the black on the face either. But it sure makes that chick look cute! I'm sorry you weren't able to help the others. It will just mean that you hatched the strongest chicks, natural selection. Enjoy your little chicks. I will be having some Mottled Javas hatching next Friday. I can't wait, it's my first hatch of the season. Anyways, have fun!
Hey I know those chicks! 8 out of 10 developing for shipped eggs is very good, I wish you would have gotten more to hatch though. Every now and then we hatch them out with some black on the beak like that. We just got an order of chicks from Duane Urch and 2 of them had it also. This is our first year hatching them.

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