Mouse poisioned ..chickens ate mouse?


Nov 30, 2015
I have meat chickens which ate poisioned mice ..I now am unsure what to do the surviving chickens safe to eat? How can I know how to prevent them eating more of these mice..a neighbor poisioned mice and my chickens n cats have eaten these mice, live very close to neighbors. Please some advice on what I should do or be doing....I am new to the backyard chicken thing..
Hi there,
Ask your neighbor what poison he used. Then go online and check for the products MSDS sheet. This shee will give you information on how the poison acts etc. Many mice/rat poisons these days are known as 'single dose'. What that means is the mouse only takes one dose before they die - this limits environmental damage to others animals such as cats, chickens, owls, dogs etc.
If it isn't single dose and you are unsure how to proceed, you can try calling Poison Control or the manufacturer.
I would suggest you need to re-inforce your coop so that rodents can't get in for your chickens to eat. If a mouse can enter so can a weasel.....

I agree with the above, find out what the poison was and look it up online or call your Poison Control. folks are afraid to call Poison control unless it's a real "emergency", but I've done it several times while working in a nursing home (nope, you probably don't want to know) to get information and they're always great to deal with and happy to share their knowledge.

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