Move Chicks Outside?


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Jul 23, 2018
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Thank you for the reply.. I am just not sure if I should move them out with a lamp.
If I were to move them out I would keep the brooder under our porch to make sure rain doesn't hit them.
Is it okay to just keep them in the brooder until they're ready to go out?
Is the porch secure?
The first batch I raised of chicks I raised were started out in my garage so they were completely secure from predators and winds blowing into the brooder. Again, they were out there from the day they arrived at the PO. I moved them into their 4x8 coop when they were 4 weeks old and finished them in the coop and their run. If my coop had been finished when they arrived, that is where I would have brooded them.
And you already have the top of your brooder covered so they can't fly out so that won't be an issue. If the porch is secure, I'd move them out. Just make sure that you secure the heat source that it cannot fall down. Don't rely solely on the clamp.


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May 1, 2012
I moved mine out when they were almost 2 weeks old. It was around 32 at night. I was a bit worried but my neighbor, who is a breeder, said don't worry. She told me to place the heating plate into a box (on it's side) and hang something over it to kinda make a flap in the front. The box insulates the warmth of the plate and the chicks. They were happy as can be.
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