Moving chickens away from the coop during the day and back at night

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  1. tucker0104

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    My coop is about 30 yards away from my garden. I am wanting to move the chickens to the fenced off garden area during the day and then move them back at the end of the day. What is going to be the easiest way to move the chickens to the garden area for the day and then back at night?
  2. I guess it depends on how many chickens? Is picking them up and moving one at a time to this area possible? I have 11 and am considering the same situation.

    The other option is to not have feed immediately available to them upon waking and having food in the area you want them to go to. Or throwing their favorite treat there.
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  3. tucker0104

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    Feb 6, 2012
    Charlotte, NC
    I would prefer to move in mass which would be the easiest way possible. I have never let them out of the run area so I don't know if they would just run for the hills or if they would follow me.
  4. Are they pretty treat motivated? Do they run up to you when you approach the coop? I would use the food (treat scratch) to get them over there. How many do you have? You could try doing this in the late afternoon a few times first. That way even if they do run for the hills, when the sun starts to go down they will all want to be back to the safety of the coop. Food is the big motivator with chickens, use it to your advantage.
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    Feb 6, 2012
    Charlotte, NC
    I usually just throw food in the coop for them to eat. Never tried to motivate them to do anything. I have some that run up to me and some that run away. Doing it in the evening is great idea. Are they pretty good about finding their way back home?
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    You could also put up a temporary fence to make a corridor between the run and the garden. Chickens are creatures of habit. Once you get them used to the new routine, you can remove the fencing.
  7. Yes, very good, and they like the protection of their coop.
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    Mine will follow me to h.e. double hockey sticks and back if I have scratch feed.

    I use a coffee container for scratch feed only. When they see me with that container all 20 will follow me wherever I want them to go.

    So I would train them to food. Easy peasey.
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    Wonders why you'd want them in the garden.....they'll just tear things up.
    Or maybe you mean later in the season after harvest is over for them to clean up?
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