Moving Chickens from Coop to Run 120 feet apart


7 Years
Sep 3, 2013
I am ordering 25 meat chickens this week. In about 4 weeks I would like to let my chickens out to my garden to pick through the remnants of lettuce, herbs, etc.and to fertilize the garden with their manure. The garden is well fenced in. My problem is how do I move my chickens from the coop to the garden, which is a distance of about 120 feet? I can't move the coop and it is cost prohibitive to purchase 240 feet of fencing for 25 birds. I can't imagine trying to catch 25 birds every evening to put them in a cage and wheel them back to the coop. Appreciate any suggestions or ideas! Thanks!
How about a chunnel? It's a chicken tunnel. If you've got a lot of chickens it might be the ticket. Google it, search it on BYC. I think it's cool and if you have the room, run from coop to garden. Search it and take a look, see what you think.
Last night the little darlings (I only have three) were feeling frisky, so I had my border collie round 'em up and put them in the coop. But, I wouldn't recommend it. You kinda want dogs to ignore chickens, not foster any unhealthy fixations.

Are chickens like sheep? I could shake a coffee can full of grain and all the sheep would come running from a mile away where they were devouring the neighbor's garden. If it were me, I would try teaching them rattling coffee can = scratch or other yummies.
What a novel idea! I have been thinking sheep and sheep dogs for 3 years now. However I have not taken the leap. As for chickens, who knows if a sound can be used to train them. Its worth a try.
I'm pretty sure they can be trained to a sound, if the reward is good enough. My 7 week old chicks already come running in a flurry to be the first one to me when I call "Here, chick, chick, chick!" I've been giving them goodies like cooked egg yolk, cooked spaghetti noodles, and raw mealworms. I also always use the same container (a blue peanut butter lid), and I think they can tell when I'm carrying it that something good is about to happen.

I don't call them like that unless I have a fantastic goody for them, so they'll think they should never ignore that call.

My goal is to be able to call them into the coop whenever I want to lock them up (at dusk or other times), but I'm sure it would work to get them into the garden too.

Good luck!
Have you had a chance to look up the chunnel? It's pretty cool. It just might be what you need to get them from point A to point B. I'm assuming you would creat a pen around your garden so they would stay there and dig, dig dig. They could go there through the chunnel. They would go back to their roost too at dusk. You can take it down or move it if you want. You could try training to calls but it takes time. Just a thought
I use ski poles to drive my Muscovy ducks to a desired destination. Where you are getting meat chickens the ski poles or anything similar would work the best on them.

There comes a point with meat king chickens when they have basically two things on their mind eating and drinking. Getting them out to forage will give relief for you and the chickens in more ways than one when it comes to cleaning up manure. It will also provide a healthier better finished product in my estimation.

Poop is the thing they do the best for the 8 weeks of their lives.
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