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8 Years
May 27, 2015
North central WA
i moved our three 7 week old chicks to the coop today. they are in a closed dog crate with straw. forecast is saying a low of 9 expected tonight. will they be ok, or should I bring them in ?

we also have 18 adult chickens in there. we do NOT have a heat lamp.
If your seven-week old chicks were in a heated brooder in your house, then being subjected to a nine degree temp could be a big problem.

If you have been weaning them off heat over the past couple weeks, opening a window to bring in cold air, slowly acclimating them to the cold, then they may be okay.

But just the fact you are questioning your decision, leads me to believe that perhaps the chicks would be better off in the house tonight, with a program of weaning them toward enduring colder temps gradually.
Ok I'll bring them in. They have been in a Rubbermaid tub with no heat lamp in a non heated room of the house. They were with their mom but we kicked her out two weeks ago, she didn't want to care for them anymore.
In what region do you live? Is there a possibility of your night time temps being more temperate? What I would do is reduce their ambient temperature where they are in a controlled and gradual manner. Fully feathered chicks hardened to the cold in this fashion should have no problem with severe cold as long as they have lots of dry bedding and they're protected from drafts.

Final tip: always obey that little warning voice in your head. Your instincts are good. Listen to them.
We are in north central Washington. I took them outside again today, I opened the crate door and they ventured outside for a bit. The adult chickens didn't seem bothered by them. I brought them inside for the night though. It's going to get down to 12 tonight
I've been taking them outside every day. They seem to love it. I bring them in at night. our temps are increasing here, so i might test them out all night soon. It is going to stay a few degrees above freezing tonight.

When I go to collect eggs they always great me at the nesting boxes. They are too cute!
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