Moving day! Some great pics (lots) much fun!

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  1. The outside of the coop isn't painted, but the inside is done! Of course, it rained sideways last night, and after a full exam, it seems the coop door leaks--the pellets were all dust-ified this morning in small heap by the door. No worries--just added some sweet PDZ and mixed it up and they used it as a dust bath area all day! They are playing and romping and exploring--so much fun to watch, we put a stool and kids' chair inside to spend time in there while they're so young and needing frequent checkups! So here they are in their new home!




    (We lowered the waterer after seeing a bit of this)




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    Mar 25, 2009
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    That looks fantastic! The kids too. [​IMG] It is so nice and bright, I bet they love it.
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    Such fun, isn't it ! ! I am still new at this whole chicken thing, so this is sure to be a dumb question.... What are those pellet looking things on the floor? Is that food or bedding? I have not seen the stuff before.
  4. Quote:They're pine pellets--it's horse stall bedding (NOT the kind to burn in a stove!), and it's fantastic for chicken coop bedding too. They're VERY low dust, VERY absorbent (my door leaked last night and they absorbed it no problem), and the coop doesn't smell. They were $5.49 /40lb bag at TSC, and I love them. If you do a search, there are a few threads listing pros and cons of shavings v. pellets!

    I'm new at this, too--isn't this a fab website for newbs like us!??!?!!

    ETA: NO such thing as a dumb question--please always ask, that's how to learn, and everyone is SO helpful here!!!
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    where did you buy these beautiful birds expecally the buff orpingtons lol most know that i am a buff O freak havent owned any myself just really want some [​IMG] and cute pics by the way
  6. Quote:cackle, and i'm very pleased--and I think they're pretty, too![​IMG]
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    They are so pretty! How big is the coop?

    What a great idea for placement of the window!
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    nice job! and beautiful looking chicks you've got there! Don't you just LOVE the pellets?! I too am a new fan of the pellet bedding and I can't rave enough about them! My only concern now is my girls will start switching to layer feed in a few weeks and I plan in giving them pellets since there is less waste. They get their food and water OUTSIDE of the coop so they wont get mixed in with the bedding, you think it will make them start eating the pellet bedding?!
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    Real nice coop. Looks like everyone is having a wonderful time. [​IMG]

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