Moving mother hen with chicks


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Jun 9, 2020
Hello everybody! This is my first post on the site and also my first question:

I am planning to buy a mother hen with already hatched chicks, the problem is that I don't know how they will react to their transport. I am not so concerned about keeping the chicks warm - they should stay warm with their mother. I am more worried about them getting trmapled durig the ride. Should I separate chicks from the hen (with some additional heating for them) or would that just drive the hen crazy? I should also mention that is about 2 hour car drive and that the chicks will be around 4 days old at the time of transport.

Thank you for your answers!


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Sep 19, 2009
Holts Summit, Missouri
I transport them all together in a rabbit cage. The wire bottom makes so they do not slide around when vehicle accelerates. Keep sun off them and make certain they have good ventilation.

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