Moving the girls outside question.


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Aug 16, 2014
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my girls are 7 weeks and fully feathered. It's still getting 45 degrees over night here. Is it ok to move them out? Right now their coop (and then) are in the garage but I want to move them out today. Do you think they'll be fine? First time with chicks so I want to make sure.


Mar 28, 2015
Southern Tier, NY
I moved my girls out when they were 6-7 weeks. I still put a heat lamp out at night when it got down to 45, but I really think I was just being paranoid :) Mine always sleep in their coop at night.

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Mar 9, 2014
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I move my brooder babies out at 5-6 weeks, they are weaned off of supplemental heat in the week prior and exposed to outdoor temps via being able to leave the window open for the room they are brooded in. I provide no supplemental heat once they move out. (next year's brooder babies will be raised 100% outdoors courtesy of a new setup I have now - will likely use the Mama Heat Pad for warmth as I do not wan to use a heat lamp out there). As long as they are mostly fully feathered and have a place to huddle up out of drafts they will be fine. Last year my 5 week olds were out for three days when we were hit with a cold snap, sub freezing temps and snow - they were happy as little clams in their coop.

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