Moving the quail this weekend

Discussion in 'Quail' started by TedJan92_in_Idaho, Nov 10, 2011.

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    May 27, 2011
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    Got a new place and will be moving in this weekend. Have a spot picked out for the quail. They will be outside now instead of in the shop. Have to put roofs on all my pens. There is an old orchard there that has been fenced to keep the deer out with heavy gauge woven wire. There is a few places that the wire has been torn down. When I saw it from a distance I only knew of 2 things that could damage it like that. A man driving a pickup truck rammed it or a bear. I was hoping for the guy in the pickup truck but knew better. LOL
    Got up to it and bear tracks everywhere. And even worse was many different size tracks.
    I have electric fence supplies to fence with but I will probably put 120 volts to it to start with. Looks like I will be eating bear sausage. [​IMG]
    Just hope the electric keeps them off my birds.

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    Glad we don't have critters that big to worry about here. There are a few scattered mountain lions but the state will swear up and down they're not here. Other than that coyotes are the biggest wild critters we have to worry about. Good luck with your move, I've got one coming up next week too.
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    Bear Smart in our community (a non profit educational org. trying to slow down the rate of bear and human interaction in town) suggests electric fence, and does so only after consulting with some of the best Bear biologists in the country. Div. of Wildlife tried rubber buckshot, etc. Orchards are difficult and my coops are right in side the fence with alternative. We are careful to keep the coops clean with NO human food or smells to attract the Bear from the Apples or Plums.
    So you're thinking in the right direction with the electric fence.

    It will be my next goal for working with City Council ....after all measures taken (bear proof can, clean coops, clean up yard from fallen fruit) = the right to have a permit for electric fence inside our property within city limits in a mountain town. My first and successful goal was the chicken ordinance being passed and bears were a concern... It was passed.

    Keeping a micro farm in city limits where there are Bears is a challenge, but it can be done with good planning.

    Good planning on your part! Hats off to you.
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