Moving to a subdivision with my chickens

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by nuts4hotwheels, Sep 22, 2012.

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    I am currently renting my house and my landlord has no problem with us raising our 7 chickens. We are in a good place financially to buy our own home and our considering moving to a suburban subdivision. I don't want to pass up a great deal on a home, but I am scared that a neighbor will report us for my girls. I keep the coop clean and they don't smell, but I am worried about somebody reporting me out of ignorance. Some people automatically think that chickens our filthy animals.

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    Does the subdivision have covenants prohibiting you from keeping chickens? If so, you have reason to be concerned because if there are rules about it and you do it anyway, it is likely only a matter of time until it does become a problem. If there are no covenants and your city laws allow poultry keeping, make sure you abide by the city ordinances (for example, number of birds, coop distance from house etc.) and you'll be okay.

    Alternately, if they aren't legal, and you haven't purchased the house in the subdivision yet, perhaps you can find something you like just as well in an area where chickens ARE legal?
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    I agree completely with the above post. We live in a city where chickens are legal, however, not all neighborhoods permit them. Some HOA won't allow chickens. Definitely check to see if the subdivision to which you are moving has any restrictions (HOA/covenants). We chose a neighborhood without any HOA for various reasons. (We do have community maintenance of the subdivision's entrances and landscaping, but no restrictions on personal property.)
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    x2. We bought a house this past Spring (and after living 20 years in a condo with plenty of HOA rules and covenants-- I can tell you it will start to bother you after a while)... Do your research and pick wisely, if you are a chicken person, you will be happier in the long run with a property that allows you to have them! And trust me there is always one Nosey Parker out there who reads/ wants enforced those HOA rules/ covenants to the Letter of the Law!
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