Moving with 3 hens


9 Years
Jan 25, 2010
Not sure where to post this question but I am wondering what the best way to transport 3 hens for a five hour drive. Would a cardboard box be ok? Should I put any fruit or food in the box or just bedding? Thanks
We haul our chickens around in a rubbermaid tub with shavings at the bottom and a light sheet covering the top. No visual stimulation = no stress.

I might recommend putting them in the rubbermaid tub for their treats for a while before your long trip - get them comfortable with the enclosure.

(We visit schools for educational visits & nursing homes for animal assisted therapy).
Should I put them all together or in individual totes? I thought a cardboard box for each girl with vent holes and the flaps folded in may keep them calm.
Keeping each in their own container will reduce their stress.
If you feel they need food and water just take some with you and on one of your stops offer it to them. This way it keeps their container clean, and them!
Also put some thing like hay or that spongy like shelf liner on the bottom
so that it is not slippery for them which can make them very
insecure. I have driven back from Arkansas (11 hour drive) with some in a dog kennel.
They were in it together. They should do fine.
Cardbox will do fine as long it is not a hot day. Make plenty of holes for vents. Spread a bit of bedding. Give each bird a big slice or cut the apple in three sections and put one in each box.

That is what we do for shipping and they will be fine for five hours of driving. If you happen to get caught in traffic in the 6th hour, stop, and give him a cup of water for them to drink out of, making sure they are drinking and once they had enough, you can close the box up and continue. You can put a bit of Pedialyte in their drinking water.

In the day beforehand, give them plenty of stuff to eat and drink. About a week before traveling, get some Pedialyte dilution in their waterer.

They will be just fine.
I'm curious about why individual boxes will reduce stress. I will be moving in two weeks - only 45 minutes away - but I have way too many birds to put each in a separate box. My plan is to use my large dog kennel - the size that a mastiff can use and still turn around - and put as many of them in it as will fit comfortably. My theory is that if they are packed too loosely they will tend to slide around when turning corners, so it would be better to put them in somewhat snugly, for security. I also tend to feel that there will be less stress if their flock-mates are with them, than if they were separated.
they will be fine. It is up to the OP to decide how she wants to ship her birds into and I have seen people do put numberous birds in boxes and others in individual boxes, either way, they are fine for five hours. It is NOT that long!

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