Mr. Phez came back.....

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    Over the weekend the flight netting to my Red Golden pen got ripped in two places... Two big holes. I didn't know until I saw my one Cinnimon golden male that was in there too, walking about the pasture. I quickly fixed the holes and gathered up Mr. Cinnimon. Did a head count, was missing two other RG males and a Cinnimon hen, plus a RG hen..... It was saddening. I wandered the woods looking to see if any were hiding out, but on 16 acres I knew it was a long shot. I hoped they'd fing their way back. Fast forward to this morning. I go out to check on everyone and just happen to spot a bright red color on a chicken in a group walking towards me..... Nope not a chicken... But Mr. Phez. He was walking with the chickens but when he saw me he started towards me. I went into the shed, grabed a scoop of feed and called him and the chickens over. He was very hungry, and as he ate I scooped him up in my arms, looked him over and told him how happy I was he came home. He was very bedraggled and dehydrated. I put him in a pen by himself with lots of food and cold water.... He seemed happy to be home. I hope the others will return, or at least find some water...... The others have been calling to them, so I have a little bit of hope after finding Phez.
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    Yay! So glad he came back! Hope the others do to! [​IMG]

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