MRSA ...what can be done?

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    My DH has had a horrible infection on his neck. It is yucky, infected, swollen and painful. Each time he goes to the doc (he's been many and seen several different docs) they just culture the owie and /or prescribe antibiotics. Latest culture shows he has MRSA so they prescribed a different antibiotic. Yesterday we noticed below the infection on his neck he has a fluid filled bump forming.. I measured it....4 inches by 4 1/2 inches.... It looks like a hunchback. He went to urgent care and they said there was nothing they could do but they did prescribe a a different antibiotic. UGH!

    Anyone else have similar situation? How long did it take to heal?

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    I am hoping I don't have MRSA from a recent surgery on my ankle. See my post Purple Prison. My surgery was Aug 4th and I still have an open wound.

    I have been reading up on MRSA quite a lot. It looks to me like the most effective treatment is <maggots>, yep, fly larvae. They eat nectrotic tissue and the staph bacteria and leave healthy skin cells.
  3. Unfortunately it never goes away. MRSA is an ugly thing that stays with you. You can get it into remission but there is always the chance it comes back.
    It is nothing to mess with. I have been dealing with it for about 11 years now. The best thing is to find a good doc that knows about the disease. They will need to prescribe a different antibiotic each time it flairs up. I am up to using dual drugs now.
    It is painful and I have found that if I can get the boils to open and relieve the pressure it helps tremendously. You have to be very careful as it is highly contagious. If he can keep the sores covered with bandage it is best. Do not use any towels or clothing that might have come into contact with the sores.
    There is a ointment out there called Staph-A-Sept that is just for MRSA. We get it at Walgreen Drugs. It does help.
    Make sure you are always washing your hands.
    Any questions please feel free to PM me
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    Has he seen an actual infectious disease specialist? It may be hard to find one as there are not a tone of doctors that specialize in infectious disease, but it wouldn't hurt to see if you could find one. One of the biggest things you need to worry about is spreading it through the rest of the household. Get DH hand sanitizer and encourage him to use it often along with hand washing. If there is a dressing on the wound, use gloves if you're helping him to change it and put it directly in the trash. MRSA is some tough stuff.
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    [​IMG] I just had surgery, replaced my knee. I don't like guinnea pigging for big pharma, so any drug they give me is talked about and researched by me extensively. 5 days prior to surgery, I had to swab the inside of my nostrils with a drug called MUPIROCIN. It's a topical ointment specifically designed for MRSA, and or impetigo. In my case I had what I call a fever blister on my beak, that was all but gone, so they gimme this MUPIROCIN. Worked really well on clearing it up. In your hubby's case, that sounds a bit severe, I think I'd find a different team of doctors on this one. That blister sounds very bad. Good luck with it, our prayers are with you. On another note, don't think that just because they have the title "Dr." that they always know what's right. Be cautious, and always ask many many questions, and if "he or she " does'nt have answers, then look somewhere else. Most seem to want to treat the symptom, and not the problem. As I said,,,,,,,,,good luck!
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    Quote:I use tea tree oil for all most all wounds from the kids to the horses. It is great
    Can't the doctor do a culture to see which meds the MSRA is not resistant to seems like that is what they for DH when he got it
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    We have been dealing with this with my father for 1 1/2 years now. We go to a infectious disease specialist, but still have a positve result of MRSA. My father needs to have surgery but can't because he can't get it in remission.
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    Yup..MRSA is scary to deal with. I wish your hubby the best and fast healing! [​IMG] [​IMG]
    I never knew that once you had it it always stayed with you..UGH! And thanks for the Tea tree oil info! Where do i get it at!?

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    Walmart I use it for a lot of things. Works great on insect bites.

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