Mucovies, peas, and Border Collies.


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Aug 1, 2011
Anchorage, Alaska
Who knows about animal personalities anyhow? My Border Collie, who has been my right hand dog for 4 years, has never shown any interest in ducks or vegetables in any form.

I've had the 'scovies for 3 weeks and they would cut your achilles for one more pea if they thought you were holding out on them.

The dog/duck combination so far has ranged from tenuous to placid on both sides. The one thing they can agree on now is- Peas rock!

Low quality pics sorry


Your collie is very pretty. I had to have mine put to sleep this past month. She was turning 18 years old and she became completely immobile. I am surprised your collie is so good with your birds. Mine as a younger dog had a high prey drive and would pluck birds out of bushes. When she was old the ducks I got were too fast for her. They are very smart dogs and yours should be able to learn to heard your ducks rather easily. I cannot believe she loves peas as much as the ducks do how funny.
If only kids would eat peas because ducks do. I'm sure millions of mothers would be standing in line to get a couple. Unless their kids are abnormal like mine and actually like peas. My 5 year old takes frozen peas out for the ducklings and always sneaks a couple handfuls for herself. Still frozen!
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