muddy run bad?


12 Years
Jun 10, 2009
Portland, OR
I live on a swamp so everywhere around my house is wet and swampy. My chicken yard is almost pure mud at the moment and i am worried about my girls getting colds.
Is it bad for chickens too have a muddy, wet run? What should I do to make it dry? Should I move the yard to a dry place?
Yup, muddy run bad.

See the "fix a muddy run" link in my .sig below for various things you can do -- usually the most successful thing is to take a multi-pronged approach

Good luck, have fun,

hay and straw are hollow and give lice and mites a place to hide and they do NOT absorb the wetness at all. I also have a muddy run and I have poured concrete on it twice. I mixed dry concrete with the mud and did NOT add water. I let it dry for a couple of days and kept the girls out of the run of course while it dried. THEN I replaced straw with pine shaving. A lot of trouble but girls are so much happier and the ground level has been raised. It took me 8 bags of 80 lb quick set and it was worth it. When I get enough $ I am going to add a load of pebbles or crushed rock but for now ...... this has helped alot
Being here in Kansas we have been snowy, wet and muddy too, but straw on the ground makes them happy, warm and dry.
Can dig drainage ditches to carry rainwater away. Also can surround with RR ties and raise by filling with dirt to make it higher than surrounding areas. Also can move it. Straw is no good. Gravel base with coarse sand over that is better.

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