Mule Duck Questions


9 Years
Oct 8, 2012
Willamette Valley, Oregon
I'm looking to add another duck hen to my layer flock, and found someone who has mule ducks for sale. I've read that hens do ley eggs, but are they good layers? The oldest she has for sale are 2 months old. Can they be voice sexed like Mallard derived breeds? She has hens and drakes of both Moscovies and Magpies, and the ducks she has for sale are one of her Magpie hen's babies. The picture I saw of them, they don't all look like mules, some do look like full Magpies, so I'll probably still go look at them, I'm just super curious if anyone has had experience with mules as layers and voice sexing them.

Crazy Maizie

Free Ranging
Jul 3, 2020
Muscovy in general aren't great layers compared to other breeds, so it would be interesting to know how mules lay compared to full muscovy.
I've thought about keeping mule ducks since I'm not interested in breeding. But, I haven't found anyone in my area with them.

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