Multi Vitamins, a good idea?


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Is it a good idea to give a week old chicks these multi vitamins? I just got 3 dozen austrolorps chicks.

I've attached the images of the multi vitamin label.


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Apr 16, 2018
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i got my Australorps in April - they are so much fun and healthy without any additional vitamins, just a little apple cidar vinegar once in a while for worm prevention. Where are you located?


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Hi, hope you are enjoying BYC! :frow

I agree with other posters... but it is labeled for use in poultry. If it makes you feel good to use... I might consider 1 time weekly or monthly. Or just keeping it on hand for when it is needed to give a little boost... during molt, broodiness or such. No supplement should be given more than 10 days in a row.

Your set up is creative! 3 dozen is a whole lotta chicks. Keep your eye open for coccidiosis.

just a little apple cidar vinegar once in a while for worm prevention.
Where did you get that information? It's sadly misleading. Many people use acv to add a little probiotics or acidify the ph of the gut. Please show studies with proof of before and after fecal counts on worms? :pop

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Welcome, if belated! One problem with stocking products like this will be the expiration date, which should be somewhere on the package. By the time you want it, it may be too old. Recycling stuff through medicine chests is something we all try to do, sometimes.
Cute chicks!


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@EggSighted4Life - Not sure what you are looking for, got the tip of ACV from this site, so am sure you will find the same info I did on it. I am not a chicken expert by any means! Just gave my opinion to OP.
Please don'e believe everything you read on this site... there are just as many people perpetuating misinformation here as anywhere else. With some people trying to clear up the difference between fact and fiction. ;)

ACV will do NOTHING for internal worms... nor will DE, or pumpkin. Only way to know for sure if you have worms that need to be treated... is 1, if you saw round worms or tape worm in droppings. All other species will stay in the intestines and only their oocysts (microscopic eggs) will pass in the dropping. So those must be verified by a fecal float/count under a microscope...

I'm ALL for natural and "preventative" IF it works. What I was looking for was maybe proof of acv working as a wormer (or actual preventative) that maybe I hadn't seen. While I do have the same access as you... my word search might be different so my results might not be the same as yours. And while I know where I stand on the subject, I always try to remain open to learning something new.

For someone to say they are preventing something... I would want to know if it's an issue in their environment to begin with. You can't prevent what you don't have.

Many other tips I have seen on here are also poor... like give your birds corn to "keep them warm"... total hogwash.

Anyways, no ugliness intended here. But please do NOT believe everything you read on here... Do a little external research and make your own informed decision. :thumbsup

Since not all worming medicines treat for all worms... it is suggested that you get a float and make sure to use the correct medicine to treat the species you have instead of treating what you don't have and maybe not treating what you do. :cool:

ETA... I have even been guilty of giving wrong information MYSELF, as I was working with what I knew at the time. But I learned something new... (can't remember the exact subject), and now I give the correct information... but have no way of going back and changing or updating every post I made prior to the new information. :oops::smack
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It's not a bad idea to give the chicks a little bit of vitamin mix when you first get them, it can help to get them going and adjust to their new settings especially if they've been shipped. After that I only supplement when I see a need to, like if you see a chick that's struggling or seems weaker than the others.

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