Multiple fairy eggs. Should I be concerned?

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    I have six silkies and two Rhode Island reds. All but one are hens. They have just started laying eggs which I am really happy about because I did not expect them to lay in the winter. But I am only getting fairy eggs. I've gotten three in the past three days. I believe that they are the Rhode island reds because of the color but is it possible that they are the silkies? Is there any thing I can do to help the situation?[​IMG] [​IMG] ps. The regular sized egg is not from them [​IMG]
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  2. Have you cracked them open? I think a true fairy egg is missing the yolk or something someone smarter likely to chime in... That being said and under full disclosure of no first hand experience here I have read here that small eggs are common at first and things will normalize as the girls get in the swing of it.

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    Hey there! Im semi- new on the forum, Ive had a small flock of 3 RIR for 2 years. I am still learning, but in my experience when they first started laying the eggs were very small, and the shells were soft like reptile eggs and were uneatable. Like the previous poster said the girls will get the swing of things :). I also think my girls were confused and annoyed at first as to why they were laying eggs. They also had to be trained to use their nesting box. I find even now with the colder months in winter I get some weird looking eggs occasionally, and they are slightly smaller then when they lay in spring/summer. Fairy eggs I dont think have any yolk at all in them. I would jut give it some time and see how they continue to lay :) as long as they have good diet and nutrition I wouldn't worry.

    Have you cracked any open to see what it looks like inside? I hope this helps! Good luck to you and your chooks![​IMG]
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    Newly laying pullet eggs are small.....they will get bigger, in weeks or months.

    Gary is correct, 'fairy' eggs have no yolk or a very tiny one.
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    Those look like pullet eggs. A fairy egg will be small, about the size of a nickel, and generally will only have egg white inside.

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