multiple hatch dates in one incubator?


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Jun 16, 2012
I have 12 eggs that are currently on day 14 of incubation. I have 12 more eggs coming in the mail. How do you typically handle multiple hatch dates in the same incubator?

I am considering taking half of the rails out of the automatic turner so that when day 18 comes I can put the 18 day old eggs on the bottom of the incubator on the half with no rails and put the new eggs on the half with rails so they get automaticly turned.

Then there is the issue of humidity, the older eggs around hatching are supposed to have a lot more humidity, now sure how to handle that...

Looking forward to your thoughts.



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Oct 10, 2012
Well, when it came to my quail eggs, I had two different hatch dates. My button quails were scheduled to hatch three days before my coturnix. I did have to open my incubator quite a few times during the button quail hatch. I ended up using a spray bottle of incubator warmed water to maintain and increase the humidity as needed. I also didn't use an automatic turner, or any turner for that matter.

Out of the five coturnix eggs I had, three hatched. Not so bad considering my repeated opening and closing of my incubator

I also had 8 out of 12 button quail eggs hatch, so I personally don't think needing to open the incubator is that bad. The spray bottle trick is a life saver though.
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