Murray McMurray Hatchery Pics Anyone?


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Dec 12, 2013
Got this idea from FarmBoy re: Meyer Hatchery photos (thanks FarmBoy!)...made me want to know if anyone has photos of birds they have ordered from Murray McMurray.

We're due to get our 16 in about 11 days and are so excited (this will be only our 2nd purchase of chicks and the 1st time ordering from a hatchery). We're getting 4 each of the barred rocks, speckled Sussex, and black australorps, 3 red star sex link and 1 surprise chick.

I'm hoping they all make it here well, I've notified the post office and will remind them again a couple days before arrival to call me so we can pick them right up in person.

So just to help wait a bit longer, can I see pictures of your McMurray birds please? Thank you!
Sorry...that was FarmGuy...not FarmBoy that started the post making me wonder about my hatchery chicks. My apologies for getting your name wrong FarmGuy!
I am expecting part of my chick order this week from Murray Mcmurray. I will be expecting GL Polish, SL Polish, Salmon Faverole, BLRW, buff brahma, blue silkies...I believe that is all for this order. I also ordered 2 black frizzle Cochins and 2 speckled Sussex. Those are coming in May. I will take pics when I get my chicks this week.
Great, look forward to seeing your photos!

My silver laced polish I got from Murray Mcmurray

Group photo, have some golden laced polish, salmon Faverole, silver laced polish, blr Wyandotte, blue silkies, and blue copper marans(hatched the marans from my own chickens)
Your birds are so cute! Thank you for sharing.

We got ours a few days ago. We got 4 BR, 4 Black Australorp, 3 Red Star and 4 Speckled Sussex. For our mystery chick from MM, we got a White Crested Black Polish (he's adorable, we named him "Krammer"). We did already lose 1 of the SS (she was very small and would barely eat even with us using a dropper to feed her) but MM has credited us for our next order. They were a really good company to work with so we won't have any qualms about using them again.

I'll try posting a photo once husband gets them downloaded.

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