Muscovy Drake!


Runner Lover
8 Years
Apr 16, 2011
Pinallas Park, Florida
This guy is to big to be with my runners and i have enough boys as is. He is trying to breed them all and they are overwelmed at the moment so i have to say good bye to this amazing drake. Everyone on BYC just helped me to confirm he is a drake so time for a new home! He is super sweet! He is the first to greet me everytime i walk out to my duckies and also likes to be pet and picked up. You can even craddle him on his back in your arms and he will soak it all up! A complete lover!!! If you are looking for a drake to add to your flock and are around my area then he is perfect!
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Beautiful white bird, you must have a good source of clean water for him to bathe in.

Thank you. And filtered pond. My ducks are spoiled

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