Muscovy hatch possible trouble


Nov 3, 2016
Slanesville, West Virginia
I have been monitoring this duckling for close to 14hours and it has not zipped but i can see its bill, and worst of all it pipped on the wrong end of the egg.

I've read the thread about hatching and I am concerned about this baby. It was chirping like a mad duck last night but its quiet now. My humidity is up to 75-80% and heat is 100-101.

The membrane where it pipped through turned brown, ive been wetting it with a q-tip. But no progression.

Any other tips would be fabulous! Id hate to loose this one it was fighting so hard last night it sounded like a rock and roll party in the incubator.
Take the egg candle it if there is a little movement, take off a TINY bit of the shell NOT the membrane...if every thing looks good.....take off some outer membrane keep wetting this bit with warm water....leave for an hour but keep wetting membrane....take off inner membrane (BE VERY CAREFUL!!!) if there is some blood leave it alone! If there is a hole in the shell, the outer membrane and the inner membrane the baby has air leave her but keep wetting (not on her bill) ps she could just be taking her time! xx keep me VERY posted please!
if the time comes to intervene.....these are some instructions...
@Hybridchucks no its fine. I just checked when i turned it down and the membrane was hard again so i moistened it down with warm water not to wake my sleeping family. And as soon as I began to wet it down i hear a loud peep peep peep from the duckling and she nosed my finger tip.
Awwww thats a GOOD sign!!! cute awww she nuzzled you!! Yeah keep moistening her are doing great!! :thumbsup baby is probs taking her time :love:hugs
hang in there!x xxx :hugs
This little one will be one of the keepers. It already knows when I talk to them, like all my eggs I talk to. My guinea's knew who I was upon hatching 2 weeks ago.
So far this is the only one to pip, others are quiet and no signs of pipping.

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