Muscovy....The Quackless Duck? Not Exactly....


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Everything I read says Muscovies are quiet, called the quackless duck....

Nobody told my Q this, apparently.

The past couple days she has been honking. She seems to do it when I get out of her sight. She honks this "warning call" kind of sound, and even when I come to see what she's doing, she continues to do it, almost as if she's cussin' me out for leaving her view.
Once she's gotten it all out of her system, she goes on about her day.....

Is this normal? It's not a very ducky sound at all. I think she's part goose. lol
Actually I'm not sure that she's *not* a hybrid, but from what I've seen, she has all the muscovy characteristics....

She is 14 weeks old. Here are some current pics....





These were a couple weeks ago:


She's an excellent flyer, she is generally quiet (except this new honking thing lol) and she does chortle mostly. She is only about 4 pounds.
She's normal. All of mine started the honking along with some head bobbing about that age. Get about 10 of them honking and it sounds pretty loud.
Usually mine do it when they come out in the morning to greet eachother though they've been together all night.
If some of the girls are on the roof and come down to the others then you usually get a few girls together honking. Figure it's a gab fest. When the boys and girls get together, do the head bob, honk and walk side by side, I figured it was a courting ritual. Actually, it sounds and looks like they are saying "I'm bad, I'm bad, look at me, I'm badder than you!"

They say that Scovies are South American ducks but I wonder if they aren't more closely related to Geese. I wonder if anyone has ever tried breeding Scovy and Geese? hmmmmm... with that honking.... short legged South American Geese.

Nice updated pic's. Quackmire is getting cuter every day!
I absolutely love those pictures of her with the cat!!!!
I didn't know there was even supposed to be a quiet duck... I've never had a muscovy. You're lucky if that's all she does. My 2 crested pekins are just jabberin' away, constantly! They aren't shy with their conversations either
I've had al different ducks, and they've all been vocal, but hey, I love to hear em!
They say that Scovies are South American ducks but I wonder if they aren't more closely related to Geese.

We call them ducks, because they look more like ducks. Scientifically however they have in fact been shown to be more closely related to geese in DNA studies. Although they are really not either. Sorta like if you took a ruler and the 1" mark was duck and the 12" was goose, a muscovy would be something like an 8. There are some papers from DNA testing you can find via a google search that explain it more.​
By the way mine barely make a sound, they will do the honk thing if they get startled, but usually only 1 honk. My boys hiss alot that's about it for noise though. My chickens (not roosters) are 10 times louder than they are.
Thanks Scott,
I'll have to take some time and do a search. That would be interesting to read.
It's the girls who liked to gab or maybe in Quackmires case, give one a hard time for taking off on her.
Now that I'm down to just a few breeding hens & their young'uns who are still peeping it's been quieter. The mom's got together this a.m., faced eachother, and did their honking thing for a few minutes discussing the nights events I suppose.
Your Cat looks like our cat we call Thomas.. !!!! He wants to be friends with our 5 ducks but they want know part of him. At least they have stopped chasing him...

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