Muscovy with black spots on bill.


10 Years
May 14, 2013
I have always had ducks around and try to keep them im-peck-ably (lol get it) clean. I am such a clean freak, to the point of where I would dunk each duck and clean their always dirty underbelly. This has been going on for about 20 some years, but today I noticed on one of my juvinile muscovy girls, that there are small black spots on their bill. I have never seen these before. They are at the stage where their pale pink bill gets a little more rosy color before the caruncles start coming in. Can anyone tell me what they are? I suspect mildew or some kind of fungal growth.
Not at all, completely normal.. i have heard varying reasoning but i can assure you it is not mold or fungal growth.

Um, let's see if i can find a pic of a bill...

Here my big boy, "spot" he's several years old and as healthy as a horse lol
I was worried about the same thing a while back; my white Campbell was getting more and more of those black spots over time and it was starting to worry me.

Turns out it's perfectly normal and very likely to occur in laying ducks as I'm told that's what causes it!
(So metzler farms faq says anyway!)
Hi! i see this post is a few years old but one out of my two 5month old muscovy has black spots and the other doesnt. here is a photo.


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