Muscovy with prolapsed vent


Oct 6, 2019
Eastern Ontario, Canada
One of my year old females has what I think is a prolapsed vent. Went back through thread on this from 2013/14 and pics are just like her. Big red bulge. I have been soaking her is an warm espom salt bath twice daily., then applying vaseline. No improvement. Not an egg stuck because he bulge is soft and mushy. She is able to expel poop, eats, drinks, and seems unaffected by it. Other suggestions from past thread included Preparation H, and confining her to a dark place for 24 hours with water but no food. Help please. No vets around here with duck experience. Understand it can re-occurr. I'll do the humane thing if this is right thing to do.
Thanks for all the helpful advice. Interesting idea of wrapping the vent but worry it might not be as successful with ducks who get in and out of kiddie pool all day. Not sure I want to try the sugar technique given that my last post involved wasps in the duck coop. :lau Started using Prep H this evening. I'll see how she does.
While she has this prolapse I wouldn’t let her be out in the yard flies will play havoc with that prolapse and you’ll be dealing with maggots. I don’t remember if you said a vet wasn’t an option they can put a stitch orctwo in to hold it in place
No vet is not an option. Flies are not a problem here. Spent afternoon out with ducks and didn't see any. Can't think of the last time I had one in house. I'll keep my eye out though. We make up for it in mosquitoes. They don't seem to bother the ducks.
Can you get dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) or 50% dextrose? Both of those can be used applied to the affected tissue topically to reduce swelling. Has the tissue been in contact with feces or dirt, if so she may need a broad-spectrum antibiotic to prevent infection.

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