music to hatch by :)


12 Years
Dec 27, 2007
Wheatfield, NY near NiagFalls
Anyone play music for their eggs day 18 - hatch? I've got a bunch of nice stress relief/meditation CDs and started playing them in the incubator room. They have great nature sounds in the background: birds signing, babbling brooks, rain, all with soothing music. So pretty!

Anybody else experiment with music in this way?
I am a music junkie and have it playing all over my house and even in my barn all day. I have my bator in the kitchen right next to the radio. They rock out to Classic rock all 21 days!!!
Rock on little Peeps! \\m/ \\m/

I was just wondering about this the other day. I know when I was pg that music really effected dd. When I would play something mellow, she was mellow.
I have a few of those cd's like you mentioned-maybe I will put one on for them
For good measure, you better play the songs from the Guitar Hero II game! In case they want to play!! lol I need to find a picture of a chick playing the guitar--there has to be one on the net!
I bet they also hatch out, climb onto their shell and then fall back into their fellow chickies for a little chick-style crowd surfing.

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