Muskovies and chickens


6 Years
Aug 6, 2013
Capac, Mi
My chickens go out and forage all day, but my muscovy's stay put in the coop. I think they enjoy having the coop all day, but not sure if I should let them roam and forage also. My concern lies in that we have 2 campbell ducks that got in the pond and that's where we watch them, they never come out so I can bond with them. Will the muscoy's do the same or will they return to the coop each nite with the chickens? :/
Hard to say, while Muscovy do enjoy water there more puddle ducks and enjoy low laying waters and small pools/troughs. Now of coarse there are exceptions lol

My Muscovy flock forage all day and return to the penned area by dusk, then we move everyone into locked up housing, i should add this has been the program since the get-go so olders teach youngers and so forth.

Chickens IMO/IME do return better to their coops than ducks, ducks are more content in decent weather to sit outside but unless you have strong, well predator proof pens they could come to harm so most cannot do this.


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