Mute duck?

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  1. Yeah I know everyone's dream duck when your trying to relax or sleep [​IMG]

    Anyway I have 5 magpies, I know for certain 1 is male, 2 are female, the 4th i'm now pretty sure is male, it doesn't have curly tail yet but he makes a hoarser low pitch quacky noise but not a honk like the girls, and the 5th I was leaning to female except....this duck is COMPLETELY silent, I can NOT get it to make a quack, a hiss, a peep, nothing since I've been trying to figure out sexes.

    This duck never gets the excited noises like the others do when they come up for food, even when my daughter chases them away from where the dogs are that one doesnt make a noise and when I nab it during treat time, completely quiet. The girls honk and quack like crazy the males with make a hoarse honk and a definate male cry noise that the females dont make....

    Anyone ever heard or had a mute duck before? Why does this duck not quack, peep, fuss, anything? X_x I guess I'll have to wait a bit longer.

    Well also at what age do their tails start curling? Mine are about 15 weeks now, and one has a few curled tail feathers the rest are either straight and one (the - leaning to male #4) his set upward more than the girls but don't actually curl...
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    I have a duck who is laying eggs- but makes a noise much like a drake- but even quieter. She doesnt talk much at all- and is so quiet I have worried she has something wrong with her- But she is otherwise fit and healthy.

    I'll swap you for one of the noisey little girls I have in my lounge room [​IMG] They are never quite...they even make little snoring noises while asleep sometimes.
  3. Yeah I'm kind of figuring if I have one who's gotten the curly tail for sure of a drake already, any other males should have by now right if they are the same age? Atleast I would figure since otherwise all the magpies have matured exactly on track with each other. So i'm guessing this girl is just a mute [​IMG] or she's just extremely shy. I mean all the others scream and honk when I pick 'em up they can't stand that, but this one struggles a bit but never a peep.

    LOL i wouldn't mind trading but Australia is way too far! Though I want to visit one day. [​IMG] I wouldn't mind this one making noise, its like this one will sneak up on me all ninja like when the other ones are distracted and scares the daylights out of me cause I dont hear it coming like the others who do the "food food food oh shes got FOOD" mantra.
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    I Have one duck he dont Make any sound, the only sound that I hear so time is very low like some with cold that can not talk. There are are other 10 ducks but he is the only one like that. I also notice that he afraid to the other duck and they keep him away, he us a very healthy one I just don't understand what happens with him.
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