My 18 month old is trying to kill me.

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    This is just a long and whining rant about babies and the lack of respect for family harmony! :) my youngest child before this one is about to turn 11 so it has been awhile since I experienced toddlerhood. Ahhhh the joys! :) He is fun. Too much fun sometimes! He is NEVER still. This is fine most of the time, however, we are borderline psychotic about bedtime. I have had bedtime in my house down to an art since my oldest son was born almost 15 years ago. Now that they are older, everyone is out of Mom and Dad's hair at 8:30. They don't have to sleep, just go to their rooms and read, text friends, write, even practice their instruments (we have 2 in band). This is when we have coffee, sit and talk over the day and make plans for future days. Ahhhhh life is good. Enter Ebenezer William...toddler! We spent the past two weeks getting him back in the routine of going to bed at the proper time (he decided to balk and show his "authority") so that solved, he has a new trick. He will go to sleep like a little angel. Around midnight he wakes and refuses to go back to sleep until around 4. Yes, 4! He tries everything from calmly saying momma over and over to screaming at the top of his lungs. *sigh* Finally he goes back to sleep and is always awake at 6 ready for the day! Maybe I am just getting old, but I feel tired and want this new stage OVER! Here is a pic of the offending toddler. Don't let the soft, light red curls and sweet, innocent looking hazel eyes fool you! [​IMG]
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    He's gorgeous!
    Don't worry, he'll get over it, sometime. Mine used to do this thing. Bedtime is playtime! Then he'll sleep during the day while mom and dad walk around like zombies. We worked around that problem by keeping him up and tiring him out so much that he'll sleep like a log when it's bed time. Difficult in the evening with a hysterical, over tired tot, but once he's asleep, he's asleep.
    Good luck!
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    lol my daughter just turned 2 in november so i feel your pain [​IMG]
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    LOL glad to see others suffering, as well! :) It's amazing how much fun chasing a toddler is until it's the middle of the night! :) Unfortunately everyone else in the house seems to sleep right through it!

    Thanks Sumi. :) There are nights I think his innocent adorable looks are all that save him! LOL One look at that sweet face and I just melt every time! :)
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    oh yes, we're in that phase here too - 20 months old and won't sleep before 11pm
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    What a cute baby!! Good luck lol
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    Well, it sounds like we are at the right age for this to be happening! Now to survive until it's over! LOL :) I seriously don't recall the other boys being this difficult but I may have just forgotten after 10 years! But, alas, they are worth every sleepless night! :)

    Thanks NYboy, we are pretty proud of the little monster! :)
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    I seriously think that moms memories are wiped clean of certain things. After all, if we remembered labor, would we do it again? Or toddlerhood, or teething or........

    With my first son, I remember pretending I was sleeping, rocking him in his carrier with my toe in the middle of the night. He was two weeks old, I was chanting 2 weeks down, only 17 years and 50 weeks to go...

    He survived and will be 24 next week, and has 2 younger brothers....
  9. luvmychicknkids

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    Ah I do believe you are right! :) I have these vague memories of life before children when I had it all figured out and I would have one child, a girl, perhaps! LOL Ebenezer is, of course, my 4th son. :) who needs a girl? LOL not me! :) and thinking back over right at 15 years of raising children it seems to have been a whole bunch of wonderful! :) Now, when I hear this HUGE person who towers over me in his bedroom playing 'My Dreidel' on his Sax I melt because he plays it for me (he knows I love to hear it). It brings back those same feelings almost 15 years ago when they held up this tiny creature and said "we can't promise anything (he was a 25 week preemie) and I thought oh but I can! I do believe parenthood is one of the few experiences where even the worst downs seem like the ups...thanks guys for letting me be all reflective. I know there are plenty of you who 100% know the feeling! :)
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    Maybe he's like Stewie and he's secretly planning your demise [​IMG]

    No, seriously...he is super cute and he'll grow out of it. Mine did.

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