My 1st coop,. Ml


6 Years
Apr 26, 2016
Kansas City, Kansas
I am so proud of this but now I need to reinforce a nice enclosure for some free range,..I have a video I made about what I have built now but any tips and suggestions are always welcome

It has windows on both sides and I put locks on them today,..they are spoiled and not taking to the house, is for my 3 ducks and 2 babies I hatched from their egg and they are imprinted on me and follow me everywhere so they still come inside at dusk and sleep in their box on the back porch. They come inside and sleep on my lap since they were born,.they holler pretty loud when they can't see me I have to at least answer them while they are outside so they know I am watching them,..they follow me all over when I do yard work even cut grass they run after me but Winnie is starting to fly a little. She went about 70ft and about 4ft off the ground,..oh boy,..

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